HELP We need your help in locating some very expensive Sound & Computer Gear that had been setup for a Trade Show today at the Clubrooms

Fortunately, perhaps, the gear was fitted with some new leading edge security technology, whereby it has a GPS transmitter which emits the GPS location by morse code over the 104.10 FM frequency every 30 mins on the and hour mark.

Unfortunately, as the technology is only in the prototype stage the transmission signal is not strong and the transmitter battery will not last long. So hopefuly the gear is still in the City

If you do manage to hear the transmission it would be appreciated if you could please:

 - Rotate your radio or listening device to determine from which direction the signal is strongest

 - Record or write down the morse code sequence

 - Immediately contact Mr Phil Okrup at the Clubrooms by Phone or Text to 021 REGXLA and advise:

       o your location

       o the direction of the strongest signal

       o the nature of the beeps e.g. short short long

The signal will consist of a repeating set of 6 groups of beeps, being the GPS coordinates for the latitude and the longititude.

You can also help by telling us the location from where you can't hear the signal as this will tell us what parts of the City in which not to look - Phone or Text the location to 021 REGXLA

With enough information the location of the gear will be able to triangulated and hopefully found

Thanks for your Help

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