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R E D   S O X   M A N A W A T U

V E H I C L E   L E A S I N G   D E A L


Where a Club Member OR Associate chooses OR recommends a Vehicle Lease with Orix:
- the Club receives UMBRO gear to the value of $500
- the Club Member OR Associate receives UMBRO gear to the value of $100
If you OR anyone you know, OR your work is interested in vehicle leasing then put them in contact with Orix and get them to mention YOUR Club Name - RED SOX.
Also, if you think a deal might be happening, let your Club know so that we can coordinate the supply of the gear. Forward this email to those who might be interested !
WHEN The Deal is alive and active now, so YOU can start raising funds for your Club, your Team and yourself right now by promoting this deal to your family, friends and workmates !
SPECIALS From time to time, Orix may announce 'specials' as part of this deal. Here are their 'specials' for August ! August Specials.pdf(429.82 KB)

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