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There will be a meeting for ALL Club Soccer Teams/Managers/Players at the Clubrooms this
Thursday 9 August at 7:30pm

Apologies for the short notice, but this meeting needs to be held before a Local Soccer Meeting is held on Tuesday 14 August, which has been scheduled over the weekend arising from the recent isues with Central Soccer & Dave Lawrie

As you may be aware, your Club has been pro-active in recently arranging a meeting of Senior Clubs and promoting amongst other things the need for much greater local influence and control over the game. As such it is very important that our Club is well represented at that meeting.

There has also been a recent request for submissions regarding the 2008 season - how the leagues should be structured etc etc

The suggested Agenda & Discussion Topics for Thursday is as follows:

Local Soccer:

(a) re establishment of local committees - Mens, Womens & Junior

- who can be our Club representatives on these committees ?

- how we would like to see those committees work ?

- what authority will they have and what will their relationship be to Central Soccer ?
e.g. perhaps any appeals against decisions made by Dave Lawrie get heard by the relevant local committee or their appointed sub-committee NOT by Central Soccer

(b) possible changes to the rules under which the local games are played:

- introduction of 10 minute sinbin  - relationship to yellow and red cards

no loss of points unless flagrant abuse of rules and/or deliberate attempt to cheat

- much clearer and fairer rules on player movement between teams in different leagues 

- ALL rules that are being applied in a season are to be fully supplied in writing to Clubs and loaded onto website BEFORE season starts

- easier rules for player movement between teams especially for specialist positions e.g. GK

- no changes to rules once season started 

- "3 clubs in a year" rule NOT to apply to local leagues e.g. if YHM players want to play the odd social game during the winter, then why can't they with maybe a limit on how many in a team at any one time

- complaints process for referees performance ? 

2008 Season:

- retain the combined Mid Central 2 and Manawatu 1 League ?

- if not then top 8 or 10 go into MC 2 ?

- Federation League - retain the East/West spilt ?

- Introduce a Provincial Rep Team Competition in September ?

- use the Rep Team Comp to replace need for Central League ?

As you can see there are a large number of important issues up for consideration

As such it is strongly recommended that all club soccer players endeavour to either be at the meeting (ideally) or ensure that your views are made known to your Team Manager or Meeting Representative PRIOR to the Meeting. Each Team MUST be represented.

Sunday 2 September at Memorial Park
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