Red Sox Manawatu is proud to announce that a Major Naming Rights Sponsorship has been arranged with Stewarts Electrical Supplies. The magnitude of this partnership deal is such that it represents a defining moment in the history of the Club.

Whilst we will still very much need to undertake our usual fund raising activities, seek Gaming Trust funding, and maintain our existing sponsorship levels, the partnership will mean that we can now plan our sports campaigns with a certainty that we could only have previously dreamed of enjoying.

The partnership is for 3 years and there will be opportunities within that timeframe for all sports within the Club to enjoy its benefits including our relationship with Juniors.

Club members will appreciate, that getting Sponsorship for anything these days ain't easy. Increasingly the Corporates refer all inquiries to their regional or head office which is usually located in Wellington or Auckland or even now in Australia. Gaming Trust Funding is now also very difficult as the number of applications being considered has increased exponentially in recent years and the criteria have been significantly tightened.

A key ingredient in maintaining a healthy relationship with any sponsor, is that each party gets something out of the deal. As such each Club member can play an absolutely key role in the success of the relationship with our sponsors by using and/or recommending the sponsors services wherever possible. Tell your family, friends and colleagues how much you appreciate and value the support that is being given to your Club. Tell the sponsor yourself whenever you meet them or their team and when you are yourself using their services.

If you are doing any building or renovating or just DIY handyman activity please use Stewarts and recommend to your tradesmen that all electrical supplies are to be obtained from Stewarts !

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