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C'mon Club Members - lets lead the way in supporting Ken Watson Real Estate YoungHeart Manawatu.

Red Sox and Manawatu AFC were the 2 main driving forces in achieving this franchise in the new national soccer league - the NZ Football Championship. A key point of difference is that whereas the previous national league was Club based, the NZFC is for regional representative teams.

So YoungHeart Manawatu is YOUR team also ! We have players from Red Sox Manawatu in the team !

Another key point of difference with the NZFC is the tangible provision of a pathway for our up and coming players and YoungHeart Manawatu is testament to this - both in name and in practice.

For the local soccer AND general sports fan in the region, YoungHeart Manawatu is leading the league and has done so for the past 4 weeks.

So . . . where are the Crowds ?

Whilst the support has been growing with each home game, the numbers should be HEAPS more given the results that are being achieved and given the absolute quality of the games & goals being scored. The 2 goals scored last week against Waikato were some of the best goals you could hope to see.

So  . . . C'mon Club members lets lead the way to get more people to the games. Talk to your Clubmates, team mates, friends, work colleagues, family, neighbours, fellow shoppers  . . . anyone . . . and ask them to come along, ask them if they know about this GREAT news !

If we were to liken the relationship of the Manawatu region to Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch as being similar to of that of NZ to Australia and then note the respective performances of the 'Knights', the 'Breakers', the 'Warriors' etc, in those Aussie Leagues, then the YoungHeart Manawatu achievement season to date is the sole STANDOUT and nothing short of SPECTACULAR

So . . . lets not be guilty of taking these performances for granted. How long have we watched with envy, the Miramars & the Napier Citys etc achieve these honours. Every sport around the globe knows the value of a 'home game'. The bigger the home crowd, the better the team usually plays.

The bigger the crowd, also the better the gate takings. Not only do the Team need our moral support, but it costs a lot of money to campaign a successful team. And if you and/or your business is interested in sponsoring YoungHeart Manawatu they have a range of packages available. 

Importantly also, the bigger the home crowd the more notice that is taken by the media and potential sponsors. We want to grow the game locally, so by YOU helping to get more 'bums on seats' it is a small yet highly signiificant step helping to realise this goal. The more media interest in soccer, the more sponsor interest thus the better for all soccer in general ! You can help soccer get at least a smattering of the media profile which local rugby enjoys. Lets aim for establishing a 'Local Hero' culture by way of regular front page bold headlines, decent action photos and regular profiles and interviews.  

So whatcha gonna do about it ? . . . Who you gonna call ? . . . . Who you gonna talk to  ?

C'mon Club Members - lets lead the way in supporting Ken Watson Real Estate YoungHeart Manawatu and help YOUR team stay top of the league !

And lets not forget what happens for the TOP TWO teams in the NZFC this season ! At stake is a place for the top 2 NZ teams in to participate in the 2006 Oceania World Club  Champions Tournament in Auckland from 10-21 May 2006, with the winner going to the lucrative World Club Championships in Tokyo in December 2006 and collecting a US$1million attendance fee purse in the process.  With Australia having recently moved to the Asian Confederation, the chances for a New Zealand team have never been better, the chances for YOUR team have never been better.

So . . . YOUR team vs Manchester United or Real Madrid or . . . Maybe ?
Maybe more than a dream !!

C'mon Club Members - lets lead the way in supporting Ken Watson Real Estate YoungHeart Manawatu and help YOUR team stay top of the league ! DO SOMETHING !


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