Player of the Day Award - Owen Brunton: Wrinklie

As an indication of the mana and respect in which Owen was held not only within the Club but also in the community at large, an awesome turnout of approx 800 people attended the funeral reception yesterday and most went on to join his wake at the Clubrooms. The service was magnificent with Owens family, Denny Yvette & Michael, being very strong and doing him proud.

This really was one of Owens finest moments - he was the Player of the Day !

As a special tribute to Owen from the Wrinklies, arrangements have been made for the kick-off of their game this Saturday to be delayed to enable a wee ceremony to be held. As part of the ceremony a BIG O will formed on the playing field by the players and supporters. A helicopter will be overhead to take a photo that will be available as a memento.

ALL Club members and friends & family of Owen are invited and encouraged to join the Wrinklies in this event.

If you would like to participate, please be at the soccer pitch located closest to the JFK Drive end of Colquhoun Park at 12:30pm on Saturday 30 July. The Wrinklies game would normally kick-off at 12:45pm but this has been delayed till 1:15pm thanks to the kind support of Central Soccer and the opposition team, Palmerston North End.

* * * OB - RIP * * *

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