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Welcome to Red Sox ~ We Have a Dream ~ Don't You Forget It ! 

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Greetings Club Members & Supporters:


Further to the previous newsletter, the great news of the new sponsorship deal with Breakers Café (located in Rangitikei St) gets greater !! 

As you may recall, part of the deal we have is that our members qualify for a Breakers Loyalty Card which we will be doubly using as our club membership card.
The use of the card by members at the Breakers Café or Rosie OGradys Pubs will entitle members to a 10% discount  . . . . PLUS a further 5% will be donated to the Club !!
So by helping yourself, you will be helping the Club and of course helping our sponsor ! 
The cards are due soon and will include our Club Logo !!


The email newsletter database has been updated with 2016 registration details but we want to make sure that nobody is missing out.
The database has now been is use for several years and includes many past members who like to stay in touch.
To help ensure our database is up to date, we are running a wee competition. We have extended the deadline from today to 12noon Saturday 21 May
If we don't receive a reply entry your email address will be removed from the database.

To enter the competition please send an email with the following details to:
The details to include are: your name, your club team, your cellphone number and pick a number between 1 & 500

e.g. Joe Bloggs, RedSox Used2Bees, 023 007 007, 169

All correctly completed entries will go into a prize draw for a $100 BarTab sponsored by Techitezy which will be drawn at 7pm on Saturday 21 May at the Clubrooms which you have to be present to collect, else it will be re-drawn. If your selected number, between 1 & 500, matches a number drawn on the nite, your BarTab will be doubled !  If you are NOT in attendance and your entry is the 1st drawn you will receive a $25 BarTab - you will be notified by email

The competition is open to ALL email recipients


Our broadband connection upgrade was postponed from last week and is now due to occur tomorrow so we should have LIVE sport again from this Saturday !!

GOOD LUCK to all Teams this Saturday !


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To Check out the ACC SportSmart link for help with injury prevention & recovery !!


EMAIL DRAW - Saturday 20 May 2016
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Please Support YOUR Sponsors - and when doing so, let them know how much YOU appreciate their support of YOUR Club

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