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FIFAHQ President Sep Blather, has announced a proposal to consider the use of a bonus point system to be used to reduce the number of drawn results in football games, whereby a bonus point would be issued for any goal scored from outside the penalty box. So, for example, if the result of a game is 1-1 and one of the goals was scored from outside the box, then that team would be awarded 2 points for the draw, instead of the usual 1 point.
In order to obtain as wide a range consideration of the proposal as possible, a total of 20 countries from around the world will have their professional and amateur competitions analysed to see what affect the bonus point will have. And from each of those 20 countries, 10 clubs have been selected at random to contribute to the survey and offer their opinions. Each of those clubs will have an opportunity to have one of their representatives attend, an all expenses paid global conference in Geneva in November 2014 to help in making a final decision on the proposal.
Unbelievably NZ has been included in the 20 country survey and Red Sox has been selected as one of the 10 clubs in NZ. As such the leagues that our football teams participate in will be included in the leagues to be analysed
Therefore, we will require when being advised of game results and goal scorers each week this season, to also be advised of any goals scored from outside of the box - i.e. once headed or kicked from outside of the box, the ball is NOT touched by any other player (attacker or defender) before entering the goal.
The Committee has decided that the Club representative to attend the fully paid global conference, will be chosen from applications from interested members who are fully paid as at 30 April 2014. All club football members will also be solicited for their opinions on the proposal once the league results have been adjusted and analysed at the end of the season.
So, invitations are now invited from club football members who are interested in being considered for this opportunity. Each application is to include a brief commentary upon this proposed rule change, the reasons why they should be selected as the club representative and their shoe size (as our footwear sponsor will provide a selection of products for the chosen member)
Applications should be emailed asap to the clubs Rule Change Football Association Yearly Committee -

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