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Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Dream  ~  Don't You Forget It !

Greetings Club Members - Welcome to Season 2014

Here is a quick run-down on where we are at with our various sports etc:


  • trials being held this Sunday at Vautier Park 2-3pm
  • if you cant make the trials and want to join or form your own team - we can help !!
  • returning and new players - all welcome
  • inquiries to:

Womens Football:
We are still very keen to re-establish a womens football team
f you know of anyone interested please encourage them to make contact
All i
nquiries to:

Mens Football:
Pre-season training sessions are being held at Monrad Park on:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8pm for the 1sts and reserves (Rovers) teams
  • Sundays from 10:30am - 12noon for all other teams  

Season starts Saturday 5 April, with the annual Stewarts PreSeason Tournament being held on Sunday 16 & 23 March at Skoglund Park - more details will follow
Some of the team changes likely to happen this season are:

  • the Panthers team have decided to withdraw
  • the Latinos will drop to division 2
  • the Youth team is being replaced with a new social team called the Wonderers

All returning and new players welcome. If you know of anyone looking to play send them to one of the training sessions or email details to:

As with last season, 
each team must have a representative on the Committee. This will involve participating at approx 6-7 monthly meetings for approx 2hrs each. We dont want the rep to be the team manager or coach - we want fresh faces and ideas ! Please dont be backward in coming forward - this can be great opportunity to give a little bit back to your club, to understand how the club operates, for you to act as the voice of your team and to meet fellow club members

These are expected to be the same as last season - details to follow.
In the meantime give consideration to the team fees being paid in full in bulk - we can provide an invoice to a business person for your team and repayment can be made within the team !!
The Committee is also looking at providing event opportunities where the the event proceeeds can be used to subsidise team fees 

We have been fortunate to obtain 3 new fundraising opportunities for the club

Firewood - bagging
We need 1-2 volunteers from each team to help with bagging firewood this Sunday 2 March for approx 4hours
We meet at the Clubrooms at 9:00am then travel to a local farm - F
rom this activity we can likely raise $2000+ !!
If you or anyone you know can help please email details ASAP to
We already have some volunteers so you wont be lonely and the more we have the quicker it will be for all

Firewood - trailer load:
For every trailer load of firewood sold your club will receive $20

Ice - party ice bags:
For every bag sold at Caltex Fitzherbert, Caltex Main Street and Caltex Feilding your club will receive 30c

So whenever you or your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc need Ice or Firewood make sure they purchase from these generous suppliers..

 Firewood Poster v3.jpg IceBag.png 



WE GET 30c per BAG !


Season Preparation:
To help you prepare for the 2014 season, checkout a website called ActiveSmart which lets you design your own customised fitness plan for free !
True Story ?:
A local technophobe kept on forgetting the password when logging onto their computer. In a moment of divine inspiration they changed it to "incorrect". That way whenever they entered the wrong password the screen message would say:
Your password is incorrect !

,Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Dream  ~  Don't You Forget It !


Coming Real Soon - SEASON 2014 !


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