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We Don't Know
How Lucky We Are !
OR Do We cause we
belong to Red Sox !

Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Dream  ~  Don't You Forget It !

Greetings Club Members

Congratulations to:

  • Synergy - on winning the 1st/2nd playoff match for the Senior 2ndA League last Saturday, defeating Relics by 1 goal in their 1st win over Relics in this their inaugural season 
  • Saints - after 4 years since being established, on winning their first silverware and doing it in style big time. Having won the Manawatu Division 3 League and the Burger Fuel Challenge Cup they won the Div3 Knockout Cup last Saturday 3-1 with 3 great goals v Plunderers
  • Wolves - on winning the Manawatu Division 1 League - a continuation of their awesome march up through the leagues, since their establishment 5 years ago. Not bad for a bunch of self called 'old farts' who are testimony to the adage of old dogs can't be taught new tricks !!
  • Latinos - on finishing in 2nd place in the Manawatu Division 1 League - the great backstory here is that Latinos were facing oblivion at the end of last season and there was talk of merging with Rangers, but some tremendous work by Joseph, Fabian and new coach Mick Webster has seen them have their best ever season
  • Rangers - on completing the trifecta of placings in the Manawatu Division 1 League - they were unbeaten by the other 3 teams in this league but unfortunately couldn't take advantage in a couple of key games
  • Rovers - on placing 3rd in the Western One League and making the Charity Cup Knockout Final v Levin to be played at Memorial Park this coming Saturday 8 September 2012
  • Chucky aka Darryl Pearson on his recently being awarded Caltex Retailer of the Year ! Chucky has been a generous sponsor of our club for several years through his Trailer Town franchise and this year put his mouth where his money is by also joining the Club Committee ! (PS there are still some bakery pies available at Caltex Main St - 2 for $4.95)  

Commiserations to:

  • the A's - having won the Western 1 minor premiership by a country mile, they just needed ONE point from their last 4 games to secure the league  . . . . . but alas it was not to be. But their 2nd placing was an awesome result for a bunch of geriatrics
  • the mens 1sts - having gone nearly 2 seasons without a loss in the very competitive Western Premiership, they faded but still finished a very meritorius 3rd

Football - Saturday - Last game of the season:
Best of luck to the Rovers in the Charity Cup Final vs Levin 2:30pm at Memorial Park, this Saturday.
Lets bring some major noise to the game and give them our full support

Clubrooms Saturday Night - Nagy Fours Darts Champs:
The Club Fours Darts Champs have been contested since 1988 in honour of club member Bill Nagy who passed away that year. This prestigous and fun event is open to all Club Members and their family, friends and colleagues. So get your team together and get down to the Clubrooms this Saturday Night ready for a 7pm start. Rumour has it that Steve Fryer, who ran the event for many years, has made a special trip back from Aussie, where he now resides, to contest the final with CC and their 2 sons - awesome !! And while the darts action is on, yes the ABs game vs Argentina, LIVE from Wellingtons Athletic Park at 7:35pm, will be screening complete with the First & Last Try scorer selections !!

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Coming Events:
Other events at your Clubrooms to which you and your team and/work mates, family etc are invited are:
Saturday 8 September - Nagy Fours Darts Champs (with ABs v Argentina LIVE from Wgtn)
Satuday 15 September -
Club Annual Prizegiving

Club Annual Prizegiving - WARNING Serious Risk of Having a Great Time:
Be sure of getting your tickets secured for THE BIGGEST NITE OF THE SEASON. By registering you qualify for a drinks voucher and courtesy van voucher and you help us out with the catering needs  . . . . click here
And don't forget to DressUp in your favourite Kiwiana costume !! Lets kick it in the guts Trev !

NZ Masters Games Wanganui 2013
The Club will again be entering football and netball teams and we have again secured a large block booking of accommodation at the Avenue Hotel. To make sure of your place, please register your interest now by sending an email advising sport, team, and accommodation needs to
Deposit payments are about to be requested

Todays True Story:
Bob* was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really pissed.
She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE !!"
The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway.
Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house.
She opened it and found a brand new set of bathroom scales
Bob* hasn't been seen since
[* club members name changed for privacy and extradition reasons]

Spot the Mistake:

Wow - what a response to the last newsletter - thanks for the best ever for such a competition.
There were several mistakes being:  Thurdsay, Deam, Wtgn and a bit picky  . . .  Gymn
First correct response was from Mike Sheridan, Captain of the Mens 1st team. Congratulations Mike. See our Bar Manager Dave Fulton at the Clubrooms next Saturday for your drink. 
So, somewhere in this weeks Newsletter is a deliberate mistake. It could be a spelling or fact error. The 1st email received with details of the mistake to will get a free drink voucher !

The support from your Club Sponsors is critical to the operations of YOUR Club
Please do recognise that support by supporting those who support YOU - and let them know !

Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Dream  ~  Don't You Forget It !


Nagy Darts Fours Sat 8 Sep ~ Club Annual Prizegiving Sat 15 Sep 


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