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Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Deam  ~  Don't You Forget It !

Greetings Club Members

Your Clubrooms will be a very busy place over the next few weeks(click here for events calendar) with a wide range of events being held for your participation and enjoyment. Tomorrow Night is Red Sox Idol and the talent that has been revealed with this event over the years has been simply amazing. From the singing to the costumes to the tear-jerking performances - Red Sox truly does have awesome talent. Its Free Entry to to the show this year, so get your mates together and come down for a great nite of entertainment - eveyone is welcome. We have a courtesy van available for transport to/from the Clubrooms from 5:00pm and a light supper will be served.

The inaugural Old Timers Day is planned for Saturday 4 Augustands we continue to receive registrations. If you are planning on attending or you of some who is and they have not yet registered, please do so asap as it helps us plan our catering arrangements. This event represents a further evolution in the development of our Club and an opportunity to reminisce and reacquaint !

Who did this to our Clubrooms ?
Speaking of the events at our Clubrooms, there have been several improvements made to the facilities and we would like to acknowledge the suppoprt from those responsible. Darryl (Chucky) Pearson [Caltex & Trailer Town] has been leading the charge, with help from Murray (Muzza) Burling, Shaun Tootill, Bradlely & Dave (JD) Fulton [Turf Care Specialists], Dave OBrien [ICCS] and Marty OConnor [techitezy] sorting the technology. The provision of the new TVs & Pool Tables and the upgrade of the Dart facilities have been gratefully assisted as follows:

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Next time you see them, let these pople know how much you appreciate their support and these new facilities ! Also thanks to Adam Rose [Grey St Dental Surgery] for sponsoring the football match-balls ! We still have support opportunities available for these facilities, so if you are interested, please liasie with a committee member or send email to:

As you may know, Red Sox Manawatu has in recent years has amalgamated with the Olympic netball club and the Manawatu AFC football club, and as such has inherited their history and heritage. As such, most of the football clubs that once existed in the Manawatu region are part of the Red Sox Family Tree - click here for details
So, following the example of many local rugby clubs, its time for your Club to celebrate this history, to provide an opportunity for fellowship, to rekindle some memories and to meet old friends. All interested persons are invited to attend the inaugural 'Old Timers Day' on Saturday 4 August 2012 at the Red Sox Manawatu Clubrooms.
To register and to find out more details -
please click here
If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending this inaugural event, please forward this email to them

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As usual your weekly Club Prizegiving starts at 6pm and EVERY club team is eligible to receive a Rose & Crown Player of the Day Award, entitling the winner to a FREE meal at the Rose & Crown Pub in Terrace End. Every Saturday at your Clubrooms the two Pool Tables & four Dart Boards are operational and we have Freeview and SkyTV. We also have a table tennis table available - so bring the family along and have a great time ! Maria & Roberto provide a selection of great value meals from the Clubrooms Kitchen. 

Help yourself to help your team, by taking good care of yourself with these 'smart' injury prevention and recovery tips:         football tips   netball tips

NZ Masters Games Wanganui 2013
The Club will again be entering football and netball teams and we have again secured a large block booking of accommodation at the Avenue Hotel. To make sure of your place, please register your interest now by sending an email advising sport, team, and accommodation needs to
At the 2011 tournament, we had 1 x Mens 35+ team and 2 x Mens 45+ team.
It is now very likely we will have those same teams again plus an extra Mens 35+ team and an extra 45+ team. SO, be warned - DO NOT DELAY, get your accommodation secured now, as First In First Served !
It does seem like its ages away, but this is THE BEST accommodation spot and we need to confirm bookings early to secure the rooms - NOW works for us !!

Painting & Decorating ?
If you have any internal/external painting needs, we have a club member looking for work to help pay for a family overseas trip - send email to

All Team Managers have been contacted. Any player that is unfinancial is NOT be allowed to play until they fully pay their fees and any team that uses an unfinancial player may lose competition points

Funny But True !:
Overheard recently - an experience with drinking and driving.
As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on our way home from "sessions" over the years. Some nights ago recently, a certain person was out for a few drinks with some friends and had a few too many glasses of everything. Knowing full well they may have been slightly over the limit, they did something that they have never ever done before - they took a bus home !
arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as they had never driven a bus before and they are still not sure where they got it from ! :->

The support from your Club Sponsors is critical to the operations of YOUR Club
Please do recognise that support by supporting those who support YOU - and let them know !

Welcome to Red Sox  ~  We Have a Deam  ~  Don't You Forget It !


RED SOX IDOL Sat 28 July  ~~  OLD TIMERS DAY Sat 4 August 


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