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     2007 YOUTH U19 TEAM


2007 sees the establishment of a Club Youth Under 19 Team. The initial training squad comprising more than 25 eligible players has been drawn from the Rovers, Youth & Thrashers Club Soccer Teams.

The Team is entered into the annual Upper Hutt U19 Tournament which includes teams from all the major Wellington Clubs and Napier City Rovers. The Tournament is scheduled to be held on Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October 2007 at Awakairangi & Harcourt Parks, Upper Hutt.

This will be the 1st time that Red Sox Manawatu has established such an U19 team, however one of our predecessor Clubs, Manawatu AFC, was a regular participant at the annual Napier Tournament in the 90's and early 2000's when it was able to draw players from PNBHS, before the school became a Club in its own right. Participation in U19 tournaments is an extension of the Youth Development Policy that has been active for the past few seasons and is a strategic element of the sponsorship partnerships that have been recently developed by the Club.

2007 Team:
B Wilkes, M Manson-Petherick, D Middleton, R Wood, R Lowrie, B Johnson, B Barker, N McLeod, C McAlister, M Buckley
R Craig, M O'Connor, M Sheridan, M Whitmore, N Townshend-Daw, M Verastegui, D Blackett, H Hamilton, S Mudgway

Coach:                Andy Rennie
Asst Coach:         Mike Coulter
Manager:             Craig Sheridan
Meals:                 Donna Craig, Jackie Buckley
Convenor:           Martin O'Connor

All inquiries can be emailed to:     u19@redsox.co.nz


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Upper Hutt
Porirua City 
Upper Hutt Academy
Kapiti Coast
North Wellington
Brooklyn Northern
Napier City Rovers 
Red Sox Manawatu
Lower Hutt
Stop out
Miramar Rangers
Waterside Karori
Island Bay


Tournament Draw & Results 

Day Date Time Score
Sat 6 Oct 9:30am Red Sox Manawatu



Lower Hutt Awakairangi 1
11:30am Red Sox Manawatu 



Wests Awakairangi 1
1:30pm Red Sox Manawatu 



Stop Out Awakairangi 2
5:00pm Red Sox Manawatu



Petone Awakairangi 2
Sun 7 Oct 11:30am Red Sox Manawatu



Waterside Karori Harcourt 1
R Lowrie (pen) H Hamilton, S Mudgway 2

Tournament Comments:
Despite the match results, the team can take some pride in that they were competitive in both possession and territory in all the games and the scorelines were very respectable. The team is relatively young with only 3 players ineligible next year, whereas all the other teams that were played were much older. Wests defeated Petone in pool play and they both made separate semi-finals, where Wests lost 2-0 to Miramar Rangers while Petone beat Napier City Rovers 2-0. Petone then beat Miramar 1-0 in the final.  

Click here for Map - Awakairangi Park

Click here for Ground Layout at Awakairangi Park

RSM Maps for HuttPark & Awakairangi Park.pdf(187.14 KB)


U19 Watson Canopy.JPG 

 U19 G1 vs LHutt Attack.JPG

U19 G2 vs Wests defence.JPG

      U19 G1 vs LHutt Mitchell.JPG         U19 G2 vs Wests 99 heads.JPG

U19 G1 vs LHutt Dwayne.JPG
 U19 3 Mums.JPG     U19 G2 vs Wests MikeS.JPG           U19 G2 vs Wests Dwayne.JPG
U19 G2 vs Wests Raydon.JPG

U19 G2 vs Wests MikeW.JPG

U19 G2 vs Wests Scotty.JPG     U19 G3 vs StopOut Craig.JPG   Z19 G4 vs Petone Nigel & Mike.JPG

zU19 G2 vs Wests RichW.JPG zU19 G2 vs Wests Matt.JPG
U19 G3 vs Stop Out GK.JPG U19 G2 vs Wests Wall.JPG
U19 GK.JPG U19 G4 vs Petone Raydon.JPG
U19 G5 vs WatKar Coaches2.JPG     U19 G5 vs Watkar Harris.JPG    U19 G5 vs WatKar Scotty.JPG
zU19 G4 vs Stop Out Dave.JPG   zU19 G5 vs WatKar Subs2.JPG zU19 G2 vs Wests Mid.JPG
 U19 Hutt Park.JPG     U19 G5 vs WatKar NigelB.JPG zU19 G5 vs WatKar Corner.JPG
zU19 Crowd Going Wild.JPG U19 Rest.JPG

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