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2 0 0 6   P R I Z E G I V I N G

C L U B   A W A R D S 

Club Person of Year Sean Lynch
The most prestigous award recognising outstanding service to the Club
Club Personality Nigel Barker
Awarded to a Club member whose individuality and character is enjoyed by those they come into contact with.  The award seeks to recognise an individual with a genuine enthusiasm, passion and the X factor
Robyn Chamberlain Memorial Trophy Not Awarded
Recognises an individual within the Club who has faced adversity either in their personal life or through their sporting season and has met it with courage and determination
Club Supporter Sam West
Award acknowledges an individual who not only supports our sporting teams but also supports the many club activities that are held throughout the year
Manawatu AFC Supporter Not Awarded
Awarded to recognise and acknowledge outstanding special services for Soccer 
GH Feeks Supporter Sam West
Awarded to recognise and acknowledge outstanding special services for Netball
Wally Morgan Trophy Mens A Soccer Team
Awarded to the Team that has made a significant contribution to the Club
Life Membership Not Awarded
In acknowledgement for valued service and dedication to the Club over a prolonged period
Team Scoring Most Goals Womens Soccer Team - 65
The Soccer Team which scores the most goals in the Season
S P O R T S   A W A R D S 



Relics Most Valuable Kaye Mutch
Most Consistent Julie Allen  
SS Most Valuable Karen Barker
Best & Fairest Vanessa Rogers
A1's   Most Valuable Michelle Gemmell
Most Improved Gemma Richardson
  A2's Most Valuable Sarika Rona
     Most Improved Jill Nixon
   A3's   Most Valuable Ninya Maubach
Most Improved Trudy Crooks
B1's Most Valuable Sarah Simmons
     Most Improved Michelle Barr
Nagy 4's Winners   Alan, Andrew & Steve Nagy and Roy Holterman
Runners Up
Club Pairs Winners Rex Blumenthal Steve Fryer  
   Runners Up   Roy Holterman Martin O'Connor
Womens Soccer 
Manawatu Div 1 - Womens 1sts (League Champions) 1st Most Valuable  Fern Feaver
Players Player Veronika Jones
     Best & Fairest  Ali Coulter 
     Most Improved  Veronika Jones
     Golden Boot  Nicole Thessman 
Coaches Award Andrea Stockwell
Mens Soccer 
Central League  Mens 1sts 10th  Player of Year  Kyle Clark & Daniel Young
     Most Valuable  Kevin Whitta
Most Improved Andrew Bailey
Mid Cen Div 1 Rovers Player of Year Glenn Fraser
Most Improved Yuzo Owatari 
A's 3rd Most Valuable Brendon Rodgers  
Best Team Player Alistair Spiers
Players Player Steve Lee
Mid Cen Div 2 Youth Team Person Mark Seelye
Most Improved David Middleton
Most Valuable Evan Roberts
Manawatu League Div 1 Wrinklies (League Champions) 1st Wrinklie of Year Duncan Scott
Golden Boot Neil Perry
Best & Fairest Neil Perry
Thrashers Most Improved Nick Townsend-Daw
Sportsman Kerry Rickard
Most Valuable

John McIvor 

1929's Most Valuable Andrew Sievwright
     Player of Year Chris Dunn
  Thirsties Most Valuable  Kerry Bryon
     Most Improved  Ryan O'Connor
     Ralphs Ball  Jarred Denton
Manawatu League Div 2 PlumbTech (Bill Dyer Memorial Trophy)   Player of the Year

Isaac Wallace


Most Consistent Andrew Roydhouse


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